A new life for students and staff after school renovation in Zawiya West

AlGawmia AlArabia is a primary school located in the Zawiya West municipality. The educational facility was established in 1986. It was never maintained or renovated, causing health and safety risks…  

New solar streetlights are boosting local economy in Benghazi

''I can now stay in my shop until ten in the evening without fearing about security. This solar powered lighting system is making a significant contribution to the success of my business as more…  

Benghazi: Access to healthcare becomes a call for returnees

In efforts to support the municipality’s revival, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the “Resilience4Libya” project supported by the European Union (EU) rehabilitated the Baghdadi…  

When renovation of Women Literacy Center forges social cohesion in Sebha

The newly renovated Al-Akaber Centre is not only giving chances for women to acquire new skills and increase chances to get jobs but is also offering a space where women meet, discuss and contribute…  

Heroes behind masks: healthcare workers in Sebha battle COVID-19

In 2020, the municipality of Sebha appointed the renovated Al-Gurda Clinic Compound as the focal medical facility for COVID-19 testing and treatment for not only the people of Sebha, but people coming…  

When Education services encourage returns in Tawergha

During that many years of conflict in Libya, the city of Tawergha and its people have experienced a loss of key infrastructure, including places for children to learn. The Stabilization Facility for…  

Street lighting opens up new horizons in Ubari

''We do not want it like Dubai, we want it like Ubari!'' People commented on social media platforms after seeing the solar street lights in Ubari installed by UNDP's Stabilization Facility for Libya.  

Tripoli Center ready to overcome garbage collection challenge

The SFL delivered 28 refuse semi-trailers and seven tractor heads to six municipalities in Greater Tripoli, namely Tajoura, Tripoli Center, Abu Salim, Souq Al Jomoa, Ain Zara and Hay Andalous. Because…  

When equipment makes the difference on ‎the response to the pandemic

The ambulances, generators, sewage suction trucks, and pesticide ‎sprayer vehicles delivered by SFL are helping the Beni Walid to ‎tackle the COVID19 pandemic  

EU-UNDP partnership contributes to Sabratha’s ‎health response to COVID-19‎

UNDP helped rehabilitate the Sabratha Health Center which is now leading in the COVID-19 response in the area.  

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