UNSMIL/UNDP Policing and Security Joint Programme

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2017 – 2020


US$ 7,896,899.88




Rule of Law institutions as service providers to the Libyan People 

Focus Area:

Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding

Project Manager:

Mohammed Al-Qussari (Mohammed.al-qussari@undp.org)

Facts Sheet:



Ministry of Interior; Ministry of Justice

What is the project about?

Rule of law institutions in Libya has been suffering a major setback during the past seven years; the lack of security became one of the main challenges facing Libyan citizens on a daily basis. The Government of National Accord (GNA) requested assistance from UNSMIL and UNDP to support the Ministry of Interior, Libyan police and criminal justice institutions to advance security and the rule of law starting from Tripoli.


The Security Joint Project (PSJP) aims to support national capacities to advance safety and security starting from Tripoli, through more effective and community-oriented policing and rule of law services.

  • Prioritize and clarify Structure, roles and resourcing of local police and criminal justice institutions according to identified needs;
  • Improve effectiveness of law enforcement and prison service delivery in Libya through provision of training and technical and material assistance;
  • Enable Ministry of Interior to better assess and provide feasible reintegration and demobilization options for members of armed formations;
  • Provide Ministry of Interior with capacity development and organizational assistance.

Focus areas

  • Support the Rule of Law institutions in Tripoli to define roles and responsibilities, develop rational organizational structures, and construct national policies and resources of local police and criminal justice institutions;
  • Justice and security sector coordination mechanism and establishment of case management system for effective criminal justice chain;
  • Improve service delivery through developing a model police station with the involvement of Community/civil society by adopting the community policing as new methodologies for policing to gain the public trust and confidence. Also, through providing necessary enabling resources to the police stations, such as unified uniform and IT and communication equipment;
  • Develop Police, judiciary, judicial police training system through review and development of consolidated police, judicial and judicial police training curricula with integrating the human rights principles and standards in addition to other new methodologies such as community policing, Mandela Rules for the treatment of prisoners; build the capacity of the instructors/trainers; rehabilitation of the training facilities; and training for police, judges, prosecutors, public lawyers, judicial staff and judicial police;
  • Strengthen the strategic planning, budgeting, project management, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Enhancing the operational management capacity of MOI and MOJ through systems development for Human Resources, financial management and control, procurement and assets management;
  • Support GNA to develop a strategy for reintegration and possible DDR within and based on the Libyan context;
  • Strengthen the oversight and accountability mechanism; and
  • Communication strategy and public outreach/awareness programme.

Donors Contributions

Donor Contribution (US$)
United States  1,949,975.78
The Netherlands     1,695,066.00
Italy 1,689,402.48
Germany                                          1,562,455.62
United Nations Development Programme (Trust Fund) 1,000,000

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Amount contributed


Delivery in previous fiscal year

2021 $374,409

2020 $1,128,555

2019 $2,684,530

2018 $1,639,359

2017 $11,292

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