Support to Transitional Justice at the Local and National Levels in Libya

Photo: ©Iason Athanasiadis / UNSMIL
Status: Active
Duration: 2016 – 2018
Budget: US$ 3,227,566
Coverage: Misrata and Tawergha
Beneficiaries: Misrata and Tawergha communities
Focus Area: Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding
Project Manager: Rawhi Afaghani ( 
Project Document: English
Partners: Municipal Council of Misrata; Misrata/Tawergha Joint Committee; and civil society organizations

What is the project about?

The stabilization of Libya requires both agreement between various political factions as well as establishment of peace between warring communities. Negotiated settlements to end the conflict is crucial to avoid the further deterioration of state institutions and depletion of the country’s financial reserves. Opportunities to address several localized conflicts between specific groups has resulted in some local ceasefire agreements and willingness to resolve disputes through dialogue processes.

In December 2015, the Joint Committee for the Misrata and Tawergha communities reached a comprehensive agreement or roadmap for “overcoming the legacy of the past in a fair way and contributing to the building of a Libya based on the rule of law, justice and human rights.” This project aims to assist the Committee in implementing the agreed roadmap including supporting transitional justice processes and facilitating the return of the Tawerghans, and people from al-Kararim, Tomina and Karzaz, in safety and dignity.


  • Local and national level dialogue process on transitional justice and return of internally displaced persons (IDPs) is facilitated;
  • Key stakeholders in Libya are better able to develop transitional justice plans at sub-national and national levels;
  • Local communities are better able promote safety and security for returning populations.

What we have accomplished so far

Dialogue between the Misrata and Tawergha communities resulted in an agreement to negotiate on implementing the right to voluntary return of the Tawerghans to Misrata. A Joint Committee with representatives from both groups agreed to a roadmap and in August 2016, an agreement was signed addressing the return of the displaced, and compensation for those affected. The roadmap for reparations, voluntary return of internally displaced persons and framework for reparations represents significant progress towards transitional justice.

Donors Contributions

Donor Contribution (US$)
Germany 851,232
Italy 1,114,827
TOTAL 1,966,059



Funding Support by

Amount contributed


Delivery in previous fiscal year

2019 $750,553

2018 $302,178

2017 $531,365

2016 $123,899

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