Support to the Resilience of Local Communities

Photo: ©Iason Athanasiadis / UNSMIL
Status: Active
Duration: 2017 - 2018
Budget: US$ 10,298,302.40
Coverage: Ubari, Zintan, Zawiya, Riyana and Rajban
Beneficiaries: Citizens
Focus Area: Sustainable Development
Project Manager:  Mohammed Salih (
Project Document: English
Partners: National Oil Corporation; municipalities

What is the project about?

The protracted crisis in Libya has affected many sectors of the economy including infrastructure, utilities such as health and public services and education. In the absence of strong central governance and public finance mechanisms, local municipalities are seen by the population as critical to delivering basic services. Yet they face significant challenges in service delivery, rehabilitation and reconstruction. A 2015 rapid diagnostic of 17 municipalities conducted by UNDP revealed that only one in three municipalities assessed themselves to be performing well in core functions.

This one-year project aims to develop capacities of municipalities at local levels in Libya to respond to many conflict-induced challenges that impact negatively, citizen access to essential services, livelihoods, and social cohesion. The project aims to stimulate economic recovery and build resilience of local communities in Obari, Zintan, Zawiya, Riyana and Rajban. 


  • Empower local actors to devised and implement an integrated resilience and recovery programmes that address immediate needs of local populations for basic services and economic livelihoods; 
  • Provide essential equipment to municipalities to enable them to provide health, education and water services and conduct assessments in support of small-scale businesses.


Donors Contributions

Donor Contribution (US$)
Repsol Exploracion Murzuq, S.A. 10,298,302.40
TOTAL 10,298,302.40


Fast Facts

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Delivery in previous fiscal year

2020 $49,274

2019 $454,468

2018 $3,260,803

2017 $5,821,391

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