Promoting Elections for the People of Libya

Photo: ©Iason Athanasiadis / UNSMIL, 2014
Status: Active
Duration: 2018 - 2020
Budget: US$ 14,096,617
Coverage: All of Libya
Beneficiaries: Libyan citizens
Focus Area: Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding
Project Manager:  Joram Rukambe ( 
Project Document: Annex 1 – “Description of the Action”
Partners: High National Elections Commission (HNEC)

What is the project about?

Promoting Elections for the People of Libya (PEPOL) project is a three-year multi-donor basket fund which aims to improve the institutional capacity of the HNEC to deliver credible elections in Libya, through supporting the legal framework; long-term institutional capacity building including training; civic and voter education and stakeholder engagement; fostering electoral security, and mainstreaming conflict sensitivity and gender and social inclusion.


PEPOL seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Support the HNEC in planning, preparing for and conducting national elections and out of country voting;
  • Develop the HNEC’s institutional and staff capacities and raise awareness on the requirements of electoral processes that are transparent, credible and promote inclusive participation;
  • Promote public participation in electoral processes, targeting vulnerable groups with activities that enable them to exercise their right to vote; and
  • Raising the electoral awareness of local partners, enabling them to perform their role effectively in the electoral process and contribute to a peaceful electoral environment.

What have we accomplished?

  • Legal framework for elections improved;
  • The HNEC institutional capacity improved through training of senior management and staff members;
  • Operational efficiency improved through the procurement of IT equipment including computers, servers and printers and software systems; procurement of 20 vehicles for use by the HNEC especially the field offices;
  • The HNEC capacity to plan and conduct future elections including the referendum has improved through advisory and technical support in areas such as election operations, asset management, procurement, election technology, out of country voting and election security.

Donors Contributions

Donor Contribution (US$)
European Union


Italy 2,056,210


The Netherlands








TOTAL 14,096,617


Funding Support by

Amount contributed


Delivery in previous fiscal year

2019 $4,036,909

2018 $3,575,731

2017 $0

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