Support to Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections

Photo: © Central Committee for Local Council Elections (CCLCE)
Status: Active
Duration: 2018 - 2020
Budget: US$ 4,574,996
Coverage: 91 Municipalities
Beneficiaries: Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections (CCMCE)
Focus Area: Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding
Project Document: Download
Partners: Government of Libya

What is the project about?

With an overall goal of building the capacity of Libya’s transitional governance structures and facilitating citizens’ participation in political processes, this project is designed to support the government of Libya in holding municipal council elections in 2018. Through support to the Central Commission for Municipal Council Elections (CCMCE), the project expects to contribute to the timely planning, preparation and conduct of the upcoming municipal elections. Under the guidance of the UN’s Electoral Assistance Division and its recently approved Desk Review on Support to Libya’s Municipal Elections, the project will be implemented by UNDP through the UN’s integrated mission for Libya, UNSMIL, and under the overall leadership of the mission’s chief electoral advisor.


The project aims to contribute towards Libya’s overall interim goal to undertake immediate critical actions which will lay the ground work for the implementation of local elections during the transition period and beyond. The project focuses on achieving two important outputs:

Output 1: Support to the inclusive planning and implementation of election operations including voter registration

Through this output, the project supports the CCMCE in preparing, planning and implementing its election operations for the holding of municipal council elections through provision of technical advice and support on inclusive voter registration, facilitation of the procurement and deployment of sensitive and non-sensitive election materials, and provision of support to the overall election operational planning and implementation.

Output 2: Facilitate public participation though support to voter and civic education and through awareness raising activities

Aware and informed voters are critical to sustaining peace and moving state formation forward. The project envisions strong support to civic and voter education efforts of both the CCMCE as well as other electoral stakeholders, though supporting CCMCE in developing a voter education strategy and action plan for the upcoming municipal council elections, as well as with civil society organizations and other key stakeholders to increase their knowledge and awareness of the importance of local elections, the electoral process and their role in democratic processes. The project has a particular focus on the participation of women, youth, differently-abled persons and other vulnerable groups.

What we have accomplished so far

The Central Committee for Municipal Council Elections (CCMCE) has been strengthened to plan and conduct municipal elections through advisory and technical support in areas such as election operations, asset management, procurement, and election technology.

Through its two major outputs (support to planning and operation of election operations and support to voter and civic education) as well as a recently adopted post-election pilot initiative, the CCMCE support project was able to achieve the intended targets for first quarter of 2019. So far (May 2019), CCMCE succeeded to hold 22 municipal elections despite the security and operational challenges. The project team supported the CCMCE at management and technical level in the planning and implementation of election operations including voter and candidate registration, training, logistics, field-coordination and communication. A team of experts were recruited and integrated in the daily operations of the CCMCE.

The second output focused mainly on the voter and civic education for the municipal elections through public awareness raising activities. An expert team was hired to support the CCMCE in the outreach campaign to develop strategies for voter and civic education. In this context, a creative workshop was conducted with 11 Libyan artists for developing ideas for the outreach campaign. In addition, 6 civil society organizations (CSOs) were contracted to conduct grassroot public outreach on voter and civic education for the municipal elections in 15 of the 22 municipalities, were elections were held. The CSOs carried out several activites including media campaign, focus group discussions, prints and advertisements among others. Also, private companies were contracted to print campaign materials for public awareness for some municipalities. A social media campaign was conducted in all 22 municipalities where elections were held, for boosting the participation in the elections.

On the post-election pilot initiative supporting the newly elected councils, the project conducted two consultative workshops for elected mayors and councilors for the development of a framework of collaboration and synergies with other partners in election and local governance.

Finally, following the first phase of municipal council elections in March and April 2019, the project undertook a week-long lessons-learned workshop in Tunis. This was an opportunity for the CCMCE team and its international partners to reflect on the 22 municipal elections that had taken place and strategies for the forthcoming elections.

Donors Contributions

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Government of Libya 1,233,734






In-kind: UNSMIL advisors



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2020 $1,598,804

2019 $1,714,724

2018 $280,618

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