Capacity Strengthening Initiative for Libya

Photo: © Iason Athanasiadis/UNSMIL
Status: Active
Duration: 2013 - 2018
Budget: US$ 1,233,734.27
Coverage: Libya
Beneficiaries: Ministry of Planning and line ministries
Focus Area: Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding
Project document: English
Partners: Ministry of Planning

What is the project about?

In aiming to achieve overall effective governance in transition setting, the project addresses the opportunities for the government institutions to 1. further strengthen their technical skills and experience in performing with enhanced capacity, 2. create enabling environment for effective coordination among national institutions and international communities, and 3. identify entry points of good governance in transition.


  • Strengthen government capacities;
  • Develop rosters for national and international experts in different fields; 
  • Undertake pilot assessments and develop strategic response plans.

What have we accomplished?

Between 2017 and 2018, the project has:

  • Strengthened Geographic Information Systems within the MoP;
  • Provided technical assistance on structural reforms; 
  • Coordinated the second phase of LCMIS to implement and validate the online platform for effective coordination and planning among the national institutes and international communities;
  • Strengthened the capacity of the MoP staff on Technical Report Writing skills;
  • Provided a study tour as a learning ground for the General Information Authority to study national information system.

Donors Contributions

Donor Contribution (US$)
Government of Libya 1,233,734.27
TOTAL 1,233,734.27

Funding Support by

Amount contributed


Delivery in previous fiscal year

2020 $427,663

2019 $1,907,208

2018 $848,232

2017 $1,506,754

2016 $1,073,260

2015 $341,163

2014 $247,494

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