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Accelerator Lab Libya

In Libya, the Accelerator Lab is bringing together people willing to make a difference doing something that has never been done before.  

Support to the Central Committee for Municipal Elections

With an overall goal of building the capacity of Libya’s transitional governance structures and facilitating citizens’ participation in political processes, this project is designed to support the…  

Support to Resilience of local communities

The project aims to stimulate economic recovery and build resilience of local communities in Obari, Zintan, Zawiya, Riyana and Rajban.  

Capacity Strengthening Initiative for Libya

In partnership with the Ministry of Planning, the project aims to support line ministries to improve efficiency, develop capacities to coordinate, improve coordination, manage international…  

Promoting Elections for the People of Libya

Promoting Elections for the People of Libya (PEPOL) project is a three-year multi-donor basket fund which aims to improve the institutional capacity of the HNEC to deliver credible elections in Libya,…  

Assistance to Building a Constitution

The objective is to support Libya in its efforts to finalize an inclusive draft constitution in the country that meets the needs of people, is appropriate coherent and technically sound. It is…  

UNSMIL/UNDP Policing and Security Joint Programme

Rule of law institutions in Libya has been suffering a major setback during the past seven years; the lack of security became one of the main challenges facing Libyan citizens on a daily basis. The…  

Immediate Assistance to the Libyan Political Dialogue

In close coordination with the international community, and building on previous experience of supporting Libyan state institutions, this partnership with the Government of the National Accord (GNA)…  

Toward National Reconciliation in Libya

This project will assist Libyan national and local authorities, civil society and other partners in their efforts to promote an inclusive vision for national reconciliation.  

Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery

With fund from the European Union, UNDP has started this three-years initiative that will be implemented in close cooperation with national and international partners. The aim is to strength local…  

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