South Representatives Adopt a Charter for Reconciliation

Dec 22, 2017

Tunis, 22 December 2017 - More than 55 representatives from the South of Libya concluded a three-days Forum in Tunis by adopting a general Charter for Reconciliation. The participants included elders and wisemen from various tribal components of the South, community leaders, members of municipal councils, youth and women activists, local mediators, and civil society organizations.

The South Reconciliation Forum offered a platform for the various social components in the South to discuss the main challenges to peace in Fezzan, and to agree on a set of principles and mechanisms for local and national reconciliation. Participants stressed the pivotal position of Fezzan in the Libyan political and social landscape, in the hope that it will become a future symbol for reconciliation. They acknowledged, however, that initiatives to end the tribal wars in the Fezzan over the past six years have failed to build a solid peace. 

The South Reconciliation Forum therefore contributed to launching an inclusive dialogue leading to the elaboration of a Reconciliation Charter between the main stakeholders of the region. The signatory parties to the South Reconciliation Charter will seek to build wider support for it and encourage a greater number of constituencies to abide to it.

The Charter can be accessible here:

Charter for Peaceful Coexistence in Fezzan (PDF)

The project “Towards National Reconciliation in Libya” is supported by the UN Peacebuilding Fund and implemented by UNSMIL and UNDP. It links formal, institutional peace initiatives with local dialogue and conflict-resolution efforts in order to build the necessary trust for national reconciliation to take place in Libya.

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