UNDP Libya marks International Anti corruption Day

Dec 9, 2013

Tripoli, Libya 09 December 2013. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Libya in cooperation with  Libyan Transparency Association commemorated the International Anti Corruption Day under a theme " zero corruption and 100% development". The Day calls for joint hands to fight the virus of corruption which already impacted negatively on billions of people globally. The purpose of this year's commemoration event is to sensitize and create awareness on the negative effects  of corruption.   

In his opening remarks, Mr. Eric Overvest, UNDP Country Director, stated that corruption  violates human rights by worsening the  poverty situation and inequality as it diverts funds from the main social services.  He further highlighted that corruption surpasses economic growth by increasing costs, and undermining the sustainable management of the environment by consuming the meager resources.  

Recent reports indicate that every year US$ 1 trillion is paid in bribes while an estimated US$ 2.6 trillion are stolen annually through corruption. Moreover, UNDP  reports show that funds lost in developing countries to corruption are estimated at 10 times the amount of Official Development Assistance (ODA) which goes every year to  developing countries.

The event which was held at Radisson Blu hotel in Tripoli was attended by activities, media outlets, members of the parliament.

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