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The Future is Female in Libya

UNDP work in Libya to ensure national and local stakeholders have the tools to empowering women and girls in all the areas of life and decision-making. Find in this brochure the results of our…  

IWD2021: Women at the forefront of COVID-19 and conflict recovery in Libya

Interactive dialogue in Tripoli to celebrate the contribution of women towards the recovery from COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Libya.  

UNDP calls for temporary basic income to help world’s poorest women cope with effects of COVID-19 pandemic

A temporary basic income (TBI) given specifically to hundreds of millions of women in the world’s developing countries could prevent rising poverty and widening gender inequalities during the…  

City Briefs- Stabilization Facility for Libya

The city briefs are the list of SFL projects and their status in each city of Libya where the Facility operates.  

Stabilization Facility for Libya Annual Report 2019

Despite the challenges presented by the conflict, the SFL deepened its engagement in all existing locations, committing about $25 million more for Sebha, Sirt, Ubari, Bani Walid, Tripoli and Benghazi.  

The Stabilization Facility for Libya rehabilitates two educational centers for ‎children and women

The UNDP's SFL rehabilitated the Omar Ben Khattab school and Al-Akaber Center for Education for women in Sebha.  

A professional woman to protect medicines in times of COVID-19

Led by National and Local institutions with support of 13 international partners and the Government of Libya, The Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL), implemented by the United Nations Development…  

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