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Traineeship open for applications-second call

UNDP and Toyota Libya are expanding their partnership to provide additional group of young Libyans with three-month vocational training with support from the European Union.  

Accelerator Lab Libya

In Libya, the Accelerator Lab is bringing together people willing to make a difference doing something that has never been done before.  

A promising future for youth in Sirt

SFL rehabilitation work at Shohada Tagrafet school in Sirt enabled Faraj and his classmates not only to study again in a more comfortable environment, but also to practice one of their favorite hobby:…  

Renovation brings back students and motivation to Sirt

The ‘Stabilization Facility for Libya' renovated 29 schools and universities in six cities across the country. In Sirt, Mohammed Ahmed (8) attends class now in a fully rehabilitated school. Restoring…  

Ministry of Labor, UNDP gather Libyan authorities and persons with disabilities to discuss ways to improve their lives

“No One Left Behind” is a new initiative to advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities in Libya. Today, the Ministry of Labor with support from the United Nations Development Programme…  

Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

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