What is beyond recognising the informal waste sector?

“These mountains of waste are treasures.” “The size of the informal recycling sector in Libya is huge and we only pick-up half of the recyclable materials dumped in the streets and landfills."  

Fighting Stereotypes: Woman Engineer Presence in Libya

I do not believe Engineering is a profession only for men.  

Partnership for Cleaner Cities; Addressing Improper waste management in ‎Africa

4 Accelerator Labs from Africa share their experiences on using collective intelligence and technology to have cleaner cities.  

What the battle against COVID-19 means for ‎democratic governance progress in Libya

On the International Democracy Day, UNDP Resident Representative in Libya Mr Gerardo Noto writes about the elections, democracy, and the effects of COVID-19 in Libya.  

Innovative solutions to stop biodiversity threats in Libya

Through our Accelerator Lab, we are collaborating with the private sector and investing in innovation and digital development to enhance digital solutions to tackle the challenges of waste management…  

Is technological innovation the key to improve Solid Waste Management? An ingredient that the Accelerator Lab in Libya is testing.

The Accelerator Lab in Libya has dug deep to understand the complex issue of Solid Waste Management (SWM) in Libya and found that the use of technology was missing so they decided to consult with the…  

UNDP continues supporting all Libyans and strengthening the UN Libya Coronavirus Response

The need to respond to the current global health crisis only adds to the protracted security, political and economic crises. People in Libya live in permanent uncertainty and fear, as open conflict…  

BLOG| Light, life, and peace in Libya

The recent Berlin Summit has opened a new window of opportunity engaging international actors and the UN to support Libyans to build a peaceful and inclusive state.  

New lenses for blind solid waste areas

Accelerator Lab in Libya explores issues and solution for solid waste management.  

BLOG| Human rights imply equality, non-discrimination and preventing violence against women and rape

Victims’ voices have been silenced for a really long time, but during the 16 days campaign 2019, the world has said that it is ready to listen to them.  

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