The Al-Akaber Centre is not only giving chances for women to acquire new skills and increase chances to get jobs, but is also offering a space where women meet, discuss and contribute to forging local peace processes.
In 2020, the municipality of Sebha appointed the renovated Al-Gurda Clinic Compound as the focal medical facility for COVID-19 testing and treatment for not only the people of Sebha, but people coming from all Libya.
Through UNDP’s ‘Promoting Elections for the People of Libya’ project, France will help HNEC to prepare elections for 24 December 2021.
UNDP in Libya is working hand in hand with national and local authorities, civil society, the private sector as well as international and national NGOs to respond to the conflict induced challenges and address needs to achieve recovery, peace and inclusive development in the country.
The construction covered a 9,000 square meter area and included plastering, tiling, lighting and connecting electricity as well as the addition of the “#Benghazi” art installation to vivify the new landmark.
The newly renovated institution is serving children from Benghazi and several municipalities around from Sirt in West to Imsaed in the East and is receiving around 400 patients per day.
Replacement of a traditional streetlight system with solar road lighting will reduce energy consumption as well.

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