Renewed School, Renewed Hope in Kikla

The Stabilization Facility for Libya renovated the school and provided a range of school furniture and basic equipment to improve the learning environment.  

Renewed Hope, Restored Dignity: Ambulance services provide helping hand in Bani Walid

SFL delivered three intensive care unit ambulances to Bani Walid municipality to allow patients to be transferred to the hospital in a timely and safe manner  

IT skills equip Kikla University students for bright future

SFL was able to rehabilitate the Kikla University and to equip the computer lab with 60 new computers. Ahmed and his fellow students will now have practical classes in better conditions.  

Students in Kikla redesign their future

Ahmed Abou Ouan is a 24-year old physical education’s student from Kikla University (150 kilometers south-west Tripoli). He used to attend classes at the Faculty of Education of the Western Mountain…  

School walls with no cracks in Ubari

Amina is one of the hundreds of students who had to leave Ubari to pursue her studies since most of the schools in the city were severely damaged during the armed conflict. Now she is happy to be back…  

Youth in Kikla have again a place to practice sports

Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) rehabilitated Kikla Sport center, allowing hundreds of young people to rejoin their local sport clubs.  

New ambulances boost emergency services in Ubari

The ambulances provided by SFL transported in one month 90 patients from Ubari, Ghrifa and Bent Baya to Sebha, Murzuq, Ghat and Tripoli.  

Breaking outlines: Entrepreneur women in technology sector

Hala is participating in Operation Pour, an 8-week coding boot camp organized by Tatweer Research in Benghazi. The coding boot camp is taking place at Tatweer Entrepreneurship Campus (TEC), a space…  

Bringing Garyounis Clinic in Benghazi back to life

The Strengthening Local Capacity for Resilience and Recovery in Libya project, is helping renovate the clinic by closing cracks and holes and replacing doors and windows.  

Saving Lives, One Ambulance at a Time

Ibrahim Al-Sherkasi has been an ambulance driver at the Benghazi Psychiatric Hospital for over 13 years. The Stabilization Facility for Libya provided ambulances to the health sector in Benghazi and…  

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