Renovation brings back students and motivation to Sirt

The ‘Stabilization Facility for Libya' renovated 29 schools and universities in six cities across the country. In Sirt, Mohammed Ahmed (8) attends class now in a fully rehabilitated school. Restoring…  

Cleaning Up Bani Walid

The Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) has delivered three ambulances, eight generators, and two garbage collection trucks to the municipality of Bani Walid.  

Renovated labs motivate students in Sebha

The Stabilization Facility for Libya (SFL) rehabilitated two laboratories of the English department at Sebha university and fixed doors and windows of three others.  

Empowering girls through quality education

SFL rehabilitation work at the Khalidoun school is making possible the equal enjoyment of the right to quality education for girls in Tripoli.  

Rebuilding communities: equipment breathe new life into sports in Kikla

The SFL provided sport equipment in Kikla. This enabled six sports clubs (Volleyball, Soccer, Table Tennis, Taekwondo, Wrestling, and Chess) and members to resume their activities.  

Rehabilitation in Sirt: How one hospital highlights the area's road to recovery

The efforts made by local authorities and UNDP have allowed the medical centre to make huge leaps forward in its level of care.  

Health services support returns in Kikla

Fatma and her family’s return was supported by the resumption of previously interrupted public services.  

Renewed School, Renewed Hope in Kikla

The Stabilization Facility for Libya renovated the school and provided a range of school furniture and basic equipment to improve the learning environment.  

Renewed Hope, Restored Dignity: Ambulance services provide helping hand in Bani Walid

SFL delivered three intensive care unit ambulances to Bani Walid municipality to allow patients to be transferred to the hospital in a timely and safe manner  

IT skills equip Kikla University students for bright future

SFL was able to rehabilitate the Kikla University and to equip the computer lab with 60 new computers. Ahmed and his fellow students will now have practical classes in better conditions.  

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