Capacity Strengthening Initiative in Libya (CSI)

Jun 1, 2012

The transition towards democratic governance following the liberation struggle against the Gaddafi regime in Libya entails tremendous challenges at all levels, in particular, institutional, political and socio economic.

As a key ministry, the Ministry of Planning (MoP) has the responsibility of ensuring that national government plans are formulated in a timely and efficient manner especially at this critical historical transition. The Ministry has an increasingly significant role to ensure the integration of national priorities in the annual development plans, the formulation of responsive government policies and coordination of international development support.

UNDP and the Libyan government have partnered to focus through the “Capacity Strengthening Initiative” programme on an immediate response in the field of capacity development by working on establishing the foundations of sound institutions, based on good governance and responsive to the needs of the Libyans.

The overall object of the Capacity Strengthening Initiative (CSI) programme is to enable the government with specific demand based technical assistance (local, regional and international expertise) to address immediate capacity gaps. These experts will work with the ministries and ensure a sustainable transfer of knowledge is considered. The project will be targeting the MoP, and other selected ministries. In addition there will be focus on tailored training, mentoring and coaching for the Libyan civil service staff.

CSIs overarching outcome is to support relevant Libyan authorities in a coordinated fashion to strengthen national institutions towards improved public service delivery at the central and local levels.

Contact information

For Further information please contact:

Lily Habash, Governance Advisor, UNDP – Libya, Tel. (+218) 91 7218207 - email: lily.habash@undp.

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