Libyans vote for electing members of House of Representatives

Jun 25, 2014

UNDP Country Director, Mr Ramachandran and the Deputy Country Director Mr Sharkawi during a visit to a poling center

June 25, 2014: Tripoli, Libya. Libyans are voting to elect new members of House of Representatives. Polling stations have opened at 8:00am across Libya for voting. The new parliament where 30 seats are allocated for women will have a total of 200 seats. Libyans in diaspora casted their votes on 16 June 2014.

During the elections this morning, Mr Selva Ramachandran, UNDP Country Director and Mr Amin Sharkawi, Deputy Country Director visited two polling stations-Noflien and Bu-Selim areas in the capital.

After the General National Congress (GNC) which was elected in July 2012 decided that Libyans to directly elect the constitutional drafting assembly (CDA), the election for CDA took place on 20 February 2014.

The current election is the third national election that Libya has witnessed after the 2011 popular revolution and about 1.5 million voters are expected to participate.

UNDP is supporting the transitions in general and the election process in particular through its various interventions. Electoral Assistance Project and Support to Civic Engagement in Libya’s Transition which involves working with various counterparts, donor community and civil society organizations among areas of support that UNDP in Libya has been providing.