Strengthening the independence of National Human Rights council in Libya

Mar 24, 2014

participants of the Human Rights Seminar

Tripoli, Libya, March 24, 2014: The United Nations Development Programme in Libya organized a seminar on “Strengthening the Independence of Libya’s Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights”. the seminar which is opened today is organized in cooperation with the National Council for Liberty and Human Rights in Libya and partnership with UN Support Mission in Libya. The official opening of the two days seminar started on March 24 and will continue till 25th of March 2014. 

The purpose of the seminar is to discuss the ways that necessitates the independence of Libya’s Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights in line with the Paris Principles on Human Rights. The conference brings together national and international human rights experts, regional states, the International Coordinating Committee, the parliament and Libyan State Ministries and will to discuss relevant legislation and decrees amongst State and implementing actors. 

The second day of the workshop focuses on experience sharing from countries within the region and other National Human Rights Institutions from Morocco, Egypt and South Africa amongst other regional countries. It is expected that the seminar will increase knowledge and coherence on Paris Principles and the future of the national council for liberty human rights of Libya.

During the opening ceremony, UNDP Deputy Country Director (DCD) and Officer in charge Mr Amin El-Sharkawi said that human rights is one of the important pillars of the United Nations and its promotion enhances the freedom, dignity of humans as it is also the centre for any human development. When we talk about human rights “it is about inclusiveness and participatory of citizens in decisions which affects their rights in life”, said the CD, ai.

In post revolution Libya, one of the most important thing that the government has taken is the establishment of the national human rights institutions. In this regard, the United Nations Development Programme will continue the support of state institutions responsible for the protection of human rights, strengthen the capacity of independent bodies and civil society organizations in their efforts to build a democratic state during this critical transitional period, further highlighted the Mr Amin.