UNDP Libya organizes human rights training workshop for Civil Society organizations

Mar 16, 2014

The United Nations Development programme in Libya (UNDP) in partnership with United Nations Support mission in Libya (UNSMIL) and in cooperation with the National Council for Civil Liberties and Human Rights (NCCLHR) organizes a four-day human rights training workshop from 16-20th of March 2014 for Civil Society organizations working in human rights areas.

The workshop objective is to strengthen and develop the capacity of Civil society organization in order to enable the CSOs to promote human rights advocacy and monitoring human rights for future The workshop which is being held in Haroon Hotel in Tripoli will provide the participants with substantive knowledge and understanding of human rights. It is expected that the participants will identify the challenges related to human rights that Libya is currently experiencing in its transition period.

During the opening ceremony, Mr Waleed Kaawan, General Secretary of the NCCLHR announced the full support of capacity development initiatives for civil society organizations. He further underlined that the civil society should be fully equipped to promote human rights in the efforts to build rule of law and democratic state.

Representing UNDP, Mr Ali Almontasser, said that the participation of the civil society organizations in drafting constitution is crucial for a legitimate process entailing inclusiveness, genuine public participation and national ownership. “ Today, it is an important occasion which we take stock of the progress, we are making in our efforts to promote, develop and protect human rights in Libya since the dawn of democracy in 2011”

UNDP has been supporting the Libyan transition process through different initiatives. Strengthening capacity development of different institutions including CSOs, elections support, constitution building assistance are some of UNDP projects in support of the transition to democracy in Libya.