Supporting Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Libya

Aug 6, 2013

Demonstrating their strong commitment to the improvement of rule of law and access to Justice in Libya, the Ministry of Justice, represented by Libyan Minister of Justice Salah Marghani, and Georg Charpentier, UN's Deputy Special Representative and Resident Coordinator in Libya signed on behalf of UNDP a project agreement on 06 August 2013 within the framework of the "Support to Rule of Law and Access to Justice” project.

The project, financed by the Governments of Libya, Japan and Denmark for the amount of USD 6,125,570, is considered an important milestone for the partnership of UNDP and the MoJ towards a results oriented project. The overall objective of the present programme is to support the restoration of justice and security in Libya in support of the country’s transition to democracy. It aims to empower civil society and the Libyan people to access justice, resolve disputes and build peace.

The project will focus on institutional strengthening, mainly of the Ministry of Justice, High Judicial Council, the High Judicial Institute and different judicial institutions; improved access to justice of the Libyan population and; and support the implementation of Transitional Justice process to promote national reconciliation, and contribute to national consensus on Transitional Justice.

The key beneficiaries are the MoJ and the High Judicial Council, in addition to the High Judicial Institute, which is the principal training institute for the judiciary. Other target beneficiaries include, the Truth Seeking and National Reconciliation Commission, the Lawyers’ syndicate and associations and civil society and non-governmental organisations. Ultimately, however, the people of Libya will be the principal beneficiaries of the project, especially victims of the former regime, and post-conflict vulnerable groups such as victims of SGBV, the displaced and the disadvantaged.

The ceremony was attended by key figures of the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and UNDP Libya, with the participation of the Head of International Corporation and staff members of the Ministry of Justice.

In striving for these outcomes, UNDP will work over the next two years in close partnership with the relevant Libyan authorities, and within the context of broader international support to strengthening the rule of law in Libya.