UNDP Supporting Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Libya through Enhancing Capacities

Jul 6, 2013

As part of its Rule of Law and Access to justice Programme, UNDP organized a four-day-training workshop from 06 to 09 July 2013 on developing questionnaires. The objectives of the workshop were to conduct a base–line survey with recommendations on strategies to improve access to justice for IDPs, and to enhance the capacity of local civil society organizations to design, organize and implement base line studies on mapping key aspects of the administration of justice and development issues in Libya.

In addition, UNDP as a follow up supported the participants to conduct a workshop in Benghazi. The two-day workshop was a practical, how-to overview of the entire training function. The aim of the workshop was to finalize the setup of the survey and to strategically plan the conducting of the interviews in all Benghazi by three teams.

The interviewers were provided with critical training skills and introduced to techniques for delivering powerful training. During the month of September, the interviews including the challenges will be collected and inserted into a database.

It is worth noting that UNDP’s RoL programme “Support to strengthening the rule of law and access to justice in Libya during the transition to democracy (2012-2014)” aims to assist in the restoration of justice and security in Libya in support of the country’s transition to democracy. In striving for these outcomes, UNDP will work over the next two years in close partnership with the relevant Libyan authorities, and within the context of broader international support to strengthening the rule of law in Libya.