UNDP and Ministry of Planning launch a workshop to support building the Libyan State

Apr 28, 2013

Tripoli, 28 April 2013: In Cooperation with the Ministry of Planning (MoP), UNDP Libya and through its Capacity Strengthening Initiative (CSI) project, organized a high level workshop on ''Development of Governmental Coordination Mechanisms'' on 28-29 April 2013 at Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli. Dr Mehdi Ghania, Minister of Planning, and Mr Eric Overvest UNDP Libya Country Director, opened the workshop.

Consultant Wael Zakkar provided presentations on best international practices for the establishment of an M&E system in countries like Chile and Colombia in addition to post conflict countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan, which triggered multiple discussions amongst participants. This was followed by the Head of the Technical Cooperation Department at the Ministry of Planning, who demonstrated the key role of the Ministry in ensuring institutionalized coordination mechanisms to follow-up on the implementation of government plans.

In addition, the Decision Support Unit gave a presentation on their role in monitoring and following-up on the executive plan that has been adopted by the Libyans Temporary Government as a programme of work for the year 2013.

The participants were broken down into groups for a series of interactive sessions. Their recommendations on the M&E System Institutional development included

1.       The establishment of the inter-ministerial committee for Monitoring and Evaluation under the leadership of the Ministry of Planning (the committee will encompass all monitoring directors in different ministries)

2.      Adjustments to the responsibilities of the Decision Support Unit, Directorate of Monitoring and Evaluation in the Office of the Prime Minister to avoid overlapping of responsibilities in terms of M&E management within the Prime Minister’s office and the Ministry of Planning

3.       Adjustments and unified terms of reference for directors of monitoring in different ministries, covering the responsibilities of planning, monitoring and evaluation

4.      Preparation of guidelines/protocols for the entire Libyan M&E system, encompassing planning and budgeting processes, monitoring the executive plan at the central and local levels, reporting mechanisms, steps, standards, timing and accountability measures. As for M&E at the local level, the consultant suggested implementing and testing a local, integrated M&E system in two selected regions/districts in Libya as a pilot

This is the third workshop that UNDP carries out with the Ministry of Planning on the concept and application of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Around 45 participants representing strategic planning and monitory at the line ministries and the general secretariat of the General National Council (GNC) attended the workshop and took part in the discussions.