Sustainable Development

UNDP helps countries to simultaneously reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development that leads to transformational change, bringing about real improvements in people’s lives. Amidst political instability and the deteriorating humanitarian situation, UNDP is committed to supporting stabilization efforts in Libya and bridging the critical period of transition, from humanitarian relief to sustainable development and democratic governance.

Our Goals

Our goal is to ensure early recovery and rapid return to sustainable development pathways in Libya through promoting the sustainable rehabilitation of key infrastructure in the country; enhancing local capacities to improve basic services delivery; and expanding sustainable livelihoods for groups most in need.

Towards resilient basic services

More than 500,000 people in Libya are benefitting from roof-top solar panels installed in nine hospitals which ensure uninterrupted power supply in critical health services. more

Projects and Initiatives

  • Libya Stabilization Facility

    Led by the Government of the National Accord (GNA), supported by UNDP and the international community, the Stabilization Facility for Libya aims to help the GNA to demonstrate its value to the country’s citizens in providing visible and tangible results for the population at the local level. Support aims at rehabilitating critical infrastructure; boosting the capacity of local authorities to address the needs of the population; and enhancing local mediation and conflict resolution capacities.more 

  • Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery

    This three-year programme aims to mitigate the impact of the current crisis on local communities and assist their recovery through building capacities of local authorities, civil society, private sector and other key local actors and improving the policy and institutional environment in Libya.more 

  • Support to the Resilience of Local Communities

    This one-year project aims to develop capacities of municipalities at local levels in Libya to respond to many conflict-induced challenges that impact negatively, citizen access to essential services, livelihoods, and social cohesion. The project aims to stimulate economic recovery and build resilience of local communities in Obari, Zintan, Zawiya, Riyana and Rajban.more 

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