What We Do

UNDP has been working in Libya since 1976. Over the years we have re-aligned our support to meet emerging priorities in the country. Since the outbreak of conflict in 2014 and the deteriorating humanitarian situation, we continue to support Libya's transition to an inclusive political agreement, accountable governance, stabilization, economic recovery and resilience.

Our Goals

UNDP aims to support Libya’s transition to an inclusive political agreement through urgent rehabilitation of key public services, expansion of dialogue between different stakeholders, support to constitutional processes underway and national and local capacity building to be able to address the urgent needs of citizens. In Libya UNDP partners with various government actors, non-governmental organizations, civil societies, the private sector, UN agencies and other organization.

UNDP has been in Libya since 1976

UNDP is committed to supporting Libya's transition to an inclusive political agreement. more

Projects and Initiatives

  • Stabilization Facility for Libya

    Led by the Government of the National Accord (GNA), supported by UNDP and the international community, the Stabilization Facility for Libya aims to help the GNA to demonstrate its value to the country’s citizens in providing visible and tangible results for the population at the local level. Support aims at rehabilitating critical infrastructure; boosting the capacity of local authorities to address the needs of the population; and enhancing local mediation and conflict resolution capacities.More 

  • Towards National Reconciliation in Libya

    This project will assist Libyan national and local authorities, civil society and other partners in their efforts to promote an inclusive vision for national reconciliation. Stakeholders will be empowered to implement a comprehensive national reconciliation strategy that will adequately contribute to the democratic process in Libya and recognize the specific roles of women and youth. Support will be provided to local reconciliation initiatives in order to include them into a nationwide dynamics of peace.More 

  • Support to Transitional Justice at the Local and National Levels in Libya

    In December 2015, the Joint Committee for the Misrata and Tawergha communities reached a comprehensive agreement or roadmap for “overcoming the legacy of the past in a fair way and contributing to the building of a Libya based on the rule of law, justice and human rights.” This project aims to assist the Committee in implementing the agreed roadmap including supporting transitional justice processes and facilitating the return of the Tawerghans, and people from al-Kararim, Tomina and Karzaz, in safety and dignity.More 

  • Support to the Resilience of Local Communities

    This one-year project aims to develop capacities of municipalities at local levels in Libya to respond to many conflict-induced challenges that impact negatively, citizen access to essential services, livelihoods, and social cohesion. The project aims to stimulate economic recovery and build resilience of local communities in Obari, Zintan, Zawiya, Riyana and Rajban.More 

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