Enhancing the capabilities of the National Meteorology Center

nmc antenna
NMC antenna´s (credit: UNDP)

The National Meteorology Centre (NMC) is quite aware of the vital role of technology in advancing meteorological science, which will enable it to address climate change that threatens human life and his activities, and will assist it in protecting climate and biological diversity for the wellbeing of present and future generations.


  • UNDP/WMO/NMC Project has been established to upgrade technologies at NMC
  • Phases 1 and 2 have already been implemented
  • Phase 3 implementation was delayed due to revolution, but is now being prepared

To ensure that, a UNDP/WMO/NMC collaboration was established and equipped the NMC with up-to-date technologies to enable it to cope with the rapid scientific and technological advances in the field of meteorology. This initiative aims at enhancing the capability of the NMC to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development activities, and to respond more rapidly to the changing needs of the society, as well as to the new opportunities provided by the technological advances.

The document of this initiative (UNDP/WMO/NMC Project : LIB/2000/003) was signed in May 2000 by the three parties of the project: Libya, represented by the communications & transport sector, to which the NMC is affiliated; WMO and UNDP.

The project is entirely funded by Libya and its total budget is : USD 10,300,000 equivalent to LYD 13,489,395. The project comprises 3 phases of which phases : 1, 2 & 3/A have been implemented, while the final phase : 3/B is underway.