Environment and Energy

UNDP supports the national development and implementation of environmental management systems addressing desertification, biodiversity conservation, water management, pollution and climate change strengthened.

Our Goals

UNDP Libya aims to support the national implementation on waste management, protected area management, and water management. In addition it aims to provide support to the development and mainstreaming of a national policy on climate changemore

Elkhoms marine station

(Credit: UNDP)more

Our Stories

  • As part of its cooperation with UNDP, a launching of two state-of-the art facilities was held on Tuesday, 26th February 2013 at the Environment General Authority showing the environmental laboratories and the geographic information system facilities. more 

  • The National Meteorology Centre (NMC) is quite aware of the vital role of technology in advancing meteorological science, which will enable it to address climate change that threatens human life and his activities, and will assist it in protecting climate and biological diversity for the wellbeing of present and future generations.more 

Projects and Initiatives

  • This project will assist the Government of Libya in tackling environmental issues through developing the capacity of the Environment General Authority (EGA) at the technical and management levels, including enhancing the capacity of the Government for environmental analysis and testingmore 

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