Democratic Governance and Peacebuilding

UNDP ensures inclusive and effective democratic governance by advocating, advising, fostering impartial spaces for dialogue, achieving consensus and building institutions. Amidst political instability and the deteriorating humanitarian situation, UNDP is committed to supporting the democratic transition underway in Libya. In doing so, we work closely with Libyan civil society organizations, citizens including women and youth, decision-makers and non-governmental organizations towards ensuring citizens are able to actively and effectively participate in the democratic transition of their nation.

Our Goals

UNDP aims to ensure the active participation of citizens in the democratic transition of Libya and that the country manages its transition to a state founded on the rule of law. We support central and local government authorities in ensuring better public service delivery to citizens; and that national reconciliation and transitional justice processes are strengthened to be as inclusive as possible. For democratic governance and peacebuilding processes to be truly successful, women must play a central role. UNDP supports women’s full participation in ongoing transition and that women’s rights are integrated in transitional policies and legislations.

Advancing women's participation in decision-making

Continued advocacy by women’s groups has resulted in the setting up of the Women’s Empowerment and Support Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister. The aim is to provide a space for women in political decision-making processes and ensure gender equity is reflected in the outcomes of political dialogues.

Our Stories

Participants in a civic education training session in Libya learned how to develop media campaigns for elections. (UNDP)
Building a sustainable democracy in Libya

A year ago, Khadija Baba would not have considered engaging in any independent civil society or political activities in her home town of Tripoli. Not onlymore 

Aspiring for a leadership role

For the first time in Libya´s history, 89 women candidates running for office in the Libyan National Assembly were chosen to participate in nationwide workshops organizedmore 


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Projects and Initiatives

  • Advancing Libyan Women's Participation During the Transition

    Advancing Libyan Women’s Participation During the Transition’ or AMEL aims to strengthen the role of Libyan women in the political transition. AMEL aims to support the Women’s Empowerment and Support Unit at the Presidency Council so it can play an active role in ensuring that women’s rights are integrated in transitional policies and legislations. Support to key women’s organizations in Libya aims to enable them to participate in the transitional process and to provide an effective lobby for women’s rights. Finally, the project supports the mainstreaming of a gender perspective in all international support being provided to the country during the transition.more 

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