Areas of work

Economic recovery and livelihoods opportunities

Employment creation and income generation, in particular youth employment, is a major challenge for the country as it represents a pressing issue and a top priority together with the reintegration of ex combatants.

UNDP will concentrate on employment and livelihood creation through Local Development or Area Based Development approach, enhancing local economic development opportunities and strengthening community-level planning. UNDP will work in close collaboration with mandated national institutions, private sector, CSOs, the World Bank and specialized UN Agencies to create an enabling environment for the creation of diverse income-generation opportunities in target communities. Interventions would include promoting green economy, and fostering employment generation, small scale enterprises and entrepreneurship. Moreover, support will be provided for strengthening institutional capacities of key public institutions, private sector and CSOs managing such schemes in terms of planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, amongst others.

Economic recovery represents the linkage with a DDR approach and prepares the ground for the socio-economic  reintegration of ex-combatants once a national DDR strategy is in place. The focus of UNDP’ s work on Economic Recovery is on employment creation, income generation and economic growth for sustainable livelihoods through

  • enhanced employability and skills of the target groups;
  • rehabilitation of basic social, economic and productive infrastructure;
  • promotion of  private sector and MSEs schemes; and
  • support policy formulation and capacity development (institutional and human resources development). 

UNDP in collaboration with line ministries will work to develop strategies geared towards sustainable livelihoods and economic reintegration while contributing to the diversification of the Libyan economy that can create employment and generate income through enhancing investments and providing access to micro-financial services, community empowerment and support to governance/policies and strategies’ formulation and update.

A brief summary of the proposed intervention is outlined below:

  • Employment creation and income generation for conflict affected people with focus on youth, women, ex-combatants’ economic and social reintegration and marginalized groups;
  • Design and implementation of quick impact interventions related to the rehabilitation of socio-economic and productive infrastructure, microfinance, micro and small enterprises as well as enhances employability through vocational training and skills development and invest in the creation of green jobs.
  • Improve livelihoods and economic recovery opportunities by strengthening institutional arrangements and policies (private sector development, microfinance..etc.) for inclusive economic growth with a vision to effectively contribute to socio-economic stability and peace building throughout Libya.

Mine action

For some time before the recent conflict-situation in Libya, UNDP was involved with Libyan authorities in strategic planning and capacity development to address existing landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) contamination in Libya, left over from World War II but also from other clashes on Libya’s borders. The internal conflict of 2011 has significantly impacted on this already complex mine, UXO and ERW situation.

UNDP Libya is working intensively with local communities and authorities to try to mitigate and reduce the risks of UXO´s and ERW situation by supporting capacity development of central and local stakeholders who are involved in mine action activities.

In addition the complex situation of a significant number of weapons present within Libyan society in the hands of the ‘brigades” and civilian population requires concrete action.  UNDP - complementing UNSMIL efforts, which is supporting and facilitating and initial Disarmament phase as part of a wider ‘DDR type´operation - intends to follow up with a more holistic SALW (small arms light weapons) Control programme

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