UNDP and the UN System

UNDP Libya plays a critical role in the overall UN response and works closely with United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) to complement its efforts during the transitional period in many areas, contributing as such to the implementation of UNSMIL’s mandate.

Following six months of armed conflict the United Nations in September 2011 established a political mission called the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL). The mission is mandated by the Security Council (S/2011/580) to help the Libyan authorities extend State authority, including through strengthening emerging accountable institutions, restoring public services, promoting and protecting human rights, particularly for vulnerable groups, and supporting transitional justice.

The UNSMIL mission is overseen by the Department of Political Affairs, and has been involved through a joint UNSMIL/UNCT in post-revolution UN Agency programming for early recovery and development in support of Libyan national strategic plans. Furthermore UNSMIL provides operational assistance to the present UN agencies and missions on the ground.

Other UN agencies
In addition to UNDP the following UN agencies are present in Libya:

  • Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)
  • Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS)
  • The Office of the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-HABITAT)
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)