Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery Project Updates

19 Jun 2018

Resilience4Libya Updates

To respond to the many challenges people in Libya are facing, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) approach focuses on putting the country on a more robust development path by helping the local authorities to restore essential services delivery, livelihoods opportunities, and community security.

With fund from the European Union (EU), UNDP is implementing the project "Strenghening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery" (Resilience4Libya). A three-years initiative carrying out in close cooperation with national and international partners in Tripoli, Sabratha, Sebha, Murzuq, Benghazi and AlKufra. The Republic of Korea also contributes to the project to improve services delivery in Ajdabiya, East Libya.

Download on this page the monthly updates to find out more about the progress and the impact of "Resilience4Libya."

List of Documents

  • Resilience4Libya "In Progress" June 2018
  • Resilience4Libya "In Progress" March 2018
  • Resilience4Libya Update February to April 2018
  • Resilience4Libya Update January 2018
  • Resilience4Libya Update December 2017
  • Resilience4Libya 2nd Quarterly Information Note 2017
  • Resilience4Libya Update October 2017
  • Resilience4Libya Update September 2017

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