Strengthening Local Capacities for Resilience and Recovery

What the project is about?

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The conflict  in Libya left 434,000 people displaced, critical infrastructure and basic social services destroyed, with women and children, being among the most vulnerable.

To respond to the many challenges people in Libya are facing, our approach will be putting the country on a more robust development path by helping the local authorities to restore security, essential services delivery and livelihoods opportunities.

With fund from the European Union, UNDP has started this three-years initiative that will be implemented in close cooperation with national and international partners. The aim is to strength local authorities capacities to serve the people in Tripoli, Sabratha, Sabha, Murzuq, Bemghazi and Al Kufra.


  • Providing Basic Services with Access for Vulnerable Groups
The project will support local institutions to improve sustainable access to health, education, water, electricity, sanitation – and socio-economic recovery for the whole population, with special attention to vulnerable groups.  
  • Enforcing Local Stability and Community Security

Libyan’s formal justice system has been damaged over the past years, with more and more people relying on informal justice and security arrangements. However, studies indicate that Libyans crave the restoration of state in an independent judiciary. The project will work with rule of law institutions, including the police, to manage the impact of irregular migration, protect the rights of migrants, and introduce deterrents to abuses of rights.

  • Recovering Local Economy, Including Job Creation and Livelihoods
The project will identify areas of potential economic growth and support economic recovery strategies which will help to stabilize income generation, emergency employment, and the reintegration of migrants, IDPs, and returnees; as well as create sustainable and decent jobs.

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