Meteorology Modernization

What is the project about

NMC antennas
Meteorology Center infrastructure (Credit: UNDP)

This project aims to create a capability within the Meteorological Department that will enable it to contribute effectively to the socio-economic development activities of Libya. The improved facilities will enable the Department to and fulfil its international commitments to the United Nations Convention on Climate Change, Biological Diversity and Desertification Control.

Project Outputs:

  • Upgrading and utilizing the Department's technical facilities which include the observing station networks, the national and international telecommunications networks and the data processing systems;
  • Training of LMD staff in the operations and maintenance of these facilities and the development of applications for the users.

Project updates

  • Phases 1 and 2 have already been implemented
  • Phase 3 implementation was delayed due to revolution, but is now being prepared

Financial situation

As of mid-September 2012


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Project Overview
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Key National Counterparts:
Govt. of Libya
Executing Agency:
UNDP Libya
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UNDP Libya
Focal point
Ms. Randa Gritli