Strengthening Environment General Authority’s Capacity for Sound Environment Management

What is the project about

gis mappingGIS mapping (Credit: UNDP)

This project will assist the Government of Libya in tackling environmental issues through developing the capacity of the Environment General Authority (EGA) at the technical and management levels. The project will enhance the capacity of the Government by developing EGA’s internal capacity for environmental analysis and testing. The project will strengthen the EGA capacity in collecting, analysing and adoption of a process of monitoring through the effective use of advanced laboratories. Furthermore, EGA’s capacity in using a comprehensive GIS system will be enhanced; this will be done within an effective system of information management that includes generation, documentation, processing, dissemination and use of knowledge within the EGA.

The project will also contribute to developing the technical capacity of the EGA for professional performance and achieve linkages and harmonization with national development plans.  The project will also focus on building the national capacity in managing and monitoring the implementation of the global environmental conventions and treaties, with special focus on climate change.

 Project Outputs:

  • Environmental issues on pollution, water management and biodiversity conservation addressed through appropriate policies developed by strengthened national institutions;
  • National level strategy on climate change developed and linked to other environmental policies

Project updates

  • The post of National Project Manager has been advertised and closure was on 24 September.
  • Project implementation will start once the Project Manager is selected.

Financial situation

As of mid-September 2012


Amount in US



000 780



000 780



Expenditures in US$ as at  24/09/2012

Budget 2012  US$