Support to Strengthening the Rule of Law and Access to Justice in Libya during the Transition to Democracy

What is the project about

 tj conference
Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Conference, January 2012. (Credit: Ministry of Justice- Libya)

The rule of law is based on justice and security which are essential to sustainable peace and development. The project is therefore a holistic approach with the overall objective to assist the restoration of justice and security in Libya in support of the country’s transitions to democracy. The programme which is demands driven seeks to develop the capacities of key institutions to deliver equitable and efficient services to the Libyan people, facilitate recovery and promote development. Simultaneously it aims to empower civil society (which is actively engaging on Transitional Justice) and the Libyan people to access justice, resolve disputes and build peace.

UNDP will therefore work in close collaboration with the relevant Libyan authorities, and within the context of broader international support on the critical Libyan priorities in order to strengthen the rule of law. The programme is designed to contribute to three important outcomes for the country:

  • Strengthened capacity of Libya rule of law institutions to provide services in a way which supports the transition to democracy.
  • Improved access to justice for conflict affected populations especially survivors of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV), women and the displaced.
  • Progress achieved in implementation of Transitional Justice (TJ) process including contributing to national consensus on TJ.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Conference on Transitional Justice and Reconciliation in Tripoli, January 23-25 2012. Organised jointly with the Ministry of Justice, the High Judiciary Institute (HJI) , UNODC and United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL).
  • Project Initiation Plan has been approved to  enable the CO to finalise the design of the project, boost the Country Office capacity during this important transition period and implement certain preliminary activities for launching the full-fledged project.

Financial situation

As of mid-September 2012


Amount in US


Split over 2012 & 2013

400,000.00 USD

UNDP CPR TF (for the PIP)


400,000.00 USD



Expenditures in US$ as at  24/09/2012

Budget 2012  US$

283.5 USD

200,000.00 USD

Project Overview
Geographic location:
Total UNDP Project Cost:
US$ 8,662,680, available approximately US$ 4 million
UNDP, Japan, Denmark, Libya.
Key National Counterparts:
Ministry of Justice
Executing Agency:
UNDP Libya
Implementing Agency:
UNDP Libya
Focal point
Mr. Ali Montasser (Programme Executive)