Democratic Governance

  • Support to the General National Congress

    UNDP supports the GNC in developing and delivering induction programmes to newly elected members, exposing them to fundamental concepts and principles of parliamentary work, advice to secretariat on administrative structuring, as well as developing a draft Internal Regulations and providing requested inputs and advice to Internal Regulations Committee.

  • Capacity Strengthening Initiative

    UNDP Libya CSI´s aim is to support relevant Libyan authorities in a coordinated fashion to strengthen national institutions towards improved public service delivery at the central and local levels.

  • UNDP works in close collaboration with the relevant Libyan authorities to strengthen capacity of rule of law institutions and provide improved access to justice for conflict affected populations.

  • Support to Civic Engagement in Libya’s Transition

    This project aims to strengthen national capacities to promote widespread participation in the transition process among the Libyan citizenry, focusing particularly on the role of youth & women.

  • Libyan Election Assistance Project

    The project aims to assist the transitional authorities on a road map to elect the structures of government during the transitional period. The transitional period covers: a) the initial elections to the 200 member National Congress; b) the referendum on a permanent constitution, and; c) the general elections following adoption of the permanent constitution.