Capacity Strengthening Initiative in Libya (2011-16)

What the project is about

 Iason Athanasiadis/UNSMIL


Following the 2011 revolution, as Libya has sought to strengthen capacities to deliver services to the public and develop institutional capacity, this project aims to support this transition by providing national, regional and international expertise. 

In partnership with the Ministry of Planning, the project aims to support line ministries to improve efficiency, develop capacities to coordinate, improve coordination, manage international development assistance, and enhance government capacity to formulate policies, plan strategically and manage work processes.  


  1. Strengthen government capacities 
  2. Develop rosters for national and international experts in different fields 
  3. Undertake pilot assessments and develop strategic response plans 


What have we accomplished so far

By mid-September 2012 the following was achieved:

  • Support to the Ministry of Planning through the rapid deployment of international advisors
  • Advice on preparation of National Development Plan including Sectoral planning
  • Workshop on Strategic Planning and Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Seminar on Deliverology
  • Support and advice to the Technical Cooperation Department (Effective Development Cooperation, Governance Sector Working Group), and assessment of international cooperation documents

Funding support by

Donor Contribution (US$)
Government of Libya  

As of mid-September 2012:

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