Immediate Assistance to the Libyan Political Dialogue and Government of the National Accord

What is the project about

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Since the February 2011 revolution, Libya has experienced significant political conflict, and humanitarian and economic challenges. Consecutive Governments in Libya have faced daunting tasks of re-building the political and administrative system for the country’s state institutions. Challenges include a lack of administrative and human capacities; limited technical capacities to address emerging challenges; and a lack of delivery of basic services such as health, transportation and education to the population.

In close coordination with the international community, and building on previous experience of supporting Libyan state institutions, this partnership with the Government of the National Accord (GNA) aims to support the government in achieving immediate national priorities and supporting implementation of the political agreements.


  1. Provide a safe and neutral platform within the framework of political dialogue to foster confidence between and amongst different stakeholders 
  2. Strengthen capacities of GNA to respond to immediate public priorities
  3. Ensure greater capacity of GNA to communicate successes and maintain public support

What have we accomplished so far

  • Supported the Libyan Political Dialogue to bring conflicting parties together so as to secure and increase the support to the Libya political agreement and the government of national accord
  • Assessed the core government functions of the Government of National Accord and provided assistance to key ministries
  • Supported the establishment and operationalization of the GNA communications unit
Donor Contribution (US$ millions)
European Commission  7,344,671 
Germany 1,841,080  
Italy 1,208,973  
Malta 54,171  
Netherlands 218,835  
Norway 234,129  
US-Department of States 2,500,000  
Foreign Commonwealth Office 76,923
UN Department of Political Affairs  350,000 
Total 14,246,355

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