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The Libyan political transition roadmap, set up through a Constitutional Declaration of 2011 includes drafting of a new constitution by the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA). Even as the political process continues, it is critical that citizens be aware of the draft constitution and its provisions, and share in its vision and ownership. The CDA’s capacities to ensure outreach and awareness have been limited.

It is crucial therefore that whenever the overall political process moves forward, people are well-informed of the draft and able to take an informed decision when the referendum takes place. Against this backdrop, this project aims to promote citizen’s participation in the constitution-making process through well-coordinated initiatives that support Libyan civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, women and youth, policymakers and the CDA.


The objective is to support Libya in its efforts to finalize an inclusive draft constitution in the country that meets the needs of people, is appropriate coherent and technically sound. It is important the constitution be recognized by people who have a sense of ownership.

Towards this end, the project aims to: 

  • Enhance the outreach of the Constitution Drafting Assembly to citizens 
  • Improve the general population’s knowledge on the new constitution 
  • Strengthen civil society engagement in the constitution-making process 
  • Reflect gender concerns in constitution building and outreach  

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