Advancing Libyan Women's Participation During the Transition

What is the Project about

The 2011 uprising and the following transitional phase provided both opportunities and challenges for Libyan women and men to rebuild their country. Specifically, the revolution presented an opportunity for women to assert their presence in the newly created political space. Yet, women represented less than six percent in Libya’s first post-revolution government and only three per cent of the candidates in the first election post-revolution. Since 2014, as the security situation deteriorated, supporting Libyan women in advancing their rights and in supporting their inclusion in conflict resolution and peace building efforts has become even more critical.

The project ‘Advancing Libyan Women’s Participation During the Transition’ or AMEL aims to strengthen the role of Libyan women in the political transition. AMEL aims to support the Women’s Empowerment and Support Unit at the Presidency Council so it can play an active role in ensuring that women’s rights are integrated in transitional policies and legislations. Support to key women’s organizations in Libya aims to enable them to participate in the transitional process and to provide an effective lobby for women’s rights. Finally, the project supports the mainstreaming of a gender perspective in all international support being provided to the country during the transition.

What have we accomplished so far

  • Continued advocacy by women’s groups resulted in the setting up of the Women Empowerment and Support Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister aiming at providing space for women in political decision-making processes and that gender equity is reflected in the outcomes of political dialogues. 
  • The Libyan Women’s Minimum Agenda for Peace: Follow up conference brought together women, policymakers and civil society aimed to providing a safe space for women, to share their experiences, stories of change, and importantly, to draw up a roadmap for how Libyan women can build peace in their everyday life.

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Donor Contribution (US$)
Germany 562,478  
Netherlands 543,478
Switzerland 256,937
TOTAL  US$ 1,362,893 

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