Regional Project “Inclusive and Participative Political Institutions”

What is the project about

gnc internal newsletterUNDP- produced Procedural Guides highlighted in the internal GNC newsletter (Credit: UNDP)

As part of the regional Project “Inclusive and Participative Political Institutions” UNDP provided support to the NTC focused on strengthening capacities, knowledge and skills of its members and staff in different areas of parliamentary operations, exposing them to best practices in that domain.  Based on the experience of supporting the NTC, parliamentary development efforts of UNDP Libya will continue during the period 2012-2014 to support the newly elected General National Congress (GNC).

Project Output: A Parliament that has the legal framework and structure to engage all citizens and to avoid crisis.

What have we accomplished so far

The results achieved:

  • Advised NTC secretariat and supported its capacity on various challenges related to transition
  • Supported the GNC inaugural session
  • Established the nucleus of parliamentary library and research center

Financial situation


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Regional Project “Inclusive and Participative Political Institutions”





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As of mid-September 2012

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