Assistance in Building Constitution

What is the project about

The purpose of the project is to promote citizen’s participation in the constitution making process through well-coordinated initiatives that support Libyan civil society organizations, non-governmental organizations, active citizens including women and youth, political decision-makers, parliamentarians and the Constitution Drafting Assembly.

The project supports UNSMIL’s mandate under Security Council Resolution 2009 to “lead inclusive political dialogue, promote national reconciliation, and determine the constitution making and electoral processes.” UNSMIL’s activities in the constitution making process are supported by UNDP through complementary programming and projects that facilitate and promote public dialogue and debate on all aspects of the constitution making process and throughout the referendum.

Three substantive areas of support are targeted: public outreach, procedural assistance and substantive and technical advice as needed in coordination with UNSMIL. The project ensures full Libyan ownership of the process and content with integrated capacity strengthening components in order that Libyans themselves lead the public dialogue and the constitutional substantive work. Specific awareness, public participation activities will be implemented jointly with the Civic Education project. This document though presents a comprehensive overview of the UNDP support to the Constitution making process.


What have we accomplished so far

· Public engagement and media outreach: The project provided financial support to completing a National Survey on the Constitution and facilitating debates at universities and media across Libya on the results of the survey.

·  In 2013, implemented the “I WANT… in my Constitution” initiative in cooperation with a national CSO Forum for a Democratic Libya and series of public panel debates across the country.

·  Drafted media communication strategy to promote transparent communication between the CDA and the public.

· In February 2014 organized a series of eight workshops targeting around 56% of the 649 CDA candidates (total number of participants 365. Including 39 women CDA candidates).

· Two Facilitators Workshops – enable all 26 female participants to run local female participation and dialogue sessions.

· Open Debates - on constitutional issues throughout Libya identity, federalism, decentralization.

· Female CSO/Political Workshops– three workshops - 60 women representing CSOs and political parties familiarize them with the roles of the state legislative, executive and judiciary powers.

· Developed Civic Education Grant Fund (together with SCELT) which builds capacities of Libyan CSOs to work on civic education and public consultations in the context of constitution-making.

Financial situation

As of mid-September 2012


Amount in US



USD 4,108,205



USD 4,108,205



Expenditures in US$ as at  December 2013

Budget 2013/2014  US$

USD 1,179,105  

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