Early recovery for sustaining humanitarian gains and ensuring transition to recovery in Libya

What is the project about

community consultationCommunity consultation (credit: UNDP)

Following the 23 October declaration of liberation by the new authorities in Libya, the situation remains fluid with limited availability of information in certain critical areas, in particular some of the most conflict affected areas, where a potential surge in anti- government movements can occur if new local authorities and civil society organizations are not able to deliver services to the population.

This project specifically targets geographical areas where resistance to the new Libya has been strong. Although needs exist across many sectors, the project will prioritize initial capacity needs and priority activities in the following areas:

  • Support and develop the capacity of Civil Society organizations to provide services and rebuild conflict affected cities;
  • Strengthen capacity of local civil society organizations in particular on key managerial and technical areas
  • Strengthen local authorities to prepare local development plans and  provide rapid support to the rebuilding of cities in conflict prone areas in order to transition from humanitarian action to early recovery in order to sustain initial humanitarian gains

The project outputs are:

Output 1: Mapping of capacity requirements of local authorities in most conflict affected cities of Bani Walid and Sirte and two other cities

Output 2: Mapping of NGO/CSO and capacity assessment in the area of service provision, in these targeted areas

Output 3: Capacities of CSOs strengthened on key managerial and technical areas in these targeted areas

Output 4: Capacities strengthened of local authorities in providing basic services in targeted areas


What have we accomplished so far

Up to mid September 2012 the following has been achieved:

  • Support to the Ministry of local Government in identifying cooperation framework to support local authorities
  • Support to selected Local Councils in identifying selected early recover economic plan
  • Scoping missions to Sirte, Misurat and Tripoli local councils

Financial situation


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