Mine Action and Weapons Control Capacity Development in Libya

What is the project about


The overall objective of the capacity building project is to develop and modernize the national structures of the mine action program already in place in Libya in order to better address the risk posed by landmines and ERW in Libya. A particular focus of the project will be on providing support to enhance the coordination and management of mine action activities in Libya.

An added value of a successful joint programme is foreseen to be enhanced and strengthened international peaceful cooperation between not only Libya and the UN, but also Libya, neighbouring countries and the wider International Community.

More specifically, the he expected end of project outputs for this Project Initiation Plan (PIP) are that the national that the mandated national authorities in Libya:

  1. will have the necessary structure and systems in place to manage and coordinate mine action, ERW remediation, explosive safety and weapons control in accordance with International Standards and best practices; and
  2. will benefit from and contribute to international cooperation in mine action, ERW remediation, explosive safety and weapons control.

What have we accomplished so far

Project Initiation Plan has been approved to enable the CO to finalise the design of the project, boost the Country Office capacity during this important transition period and implement certain preliminary activities for launching the full-fledged project.

Financial situation


Amount in US


Split over 2012 & 2013

500,000.00 USD

UNDP CPR TF (for the PIP)


500,000.00 USD


Expenditures in US$ as at  24/09/2012

Budget 2012  US$

19,573 USD


(as of mid. September 2012)

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