Support to the General National Congress (2013-14)

What is the project about

 gnc membersElection night at the Media Centre of the General National Congress (Credit: UNDP)

This project aims at developing the organizational and technical capacities of General National Congress to be able to discharge its constitutional mandate effectively.  Support to the parliament makes use of international experiences and best practices to respond to needs in policies and procedures and provide technical advice and capacity development in support the growth and professionalization of GNC secretariat’s administrative and technical support functions.


What have we accomplished so far

The results so far:

  • Draft organizational structure of GNC  secretariat defining the functions of key departments;
  • Draft Internal Regulations and provide substantive input and advice to Internal Regulations Committee;
  • Providing policy and technical  advice;
  • Over 700 books and guides on parliamentary work procured as a seed for establishing a parliamentary library and research centre; and
  • Initiation of Induction programme for  newly elected members of the GNC.

Financial situation

As of mid-September 2012:


Amount in US




Japan-Transitional Governance Project





Expenditures in US$ as at  25/09/2012

Budget 2012  US$

USD  62,231.94$


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