Our Funding and Delivery

Where our money comes from and what we spend it on?

Amidst Libya’s deepening humanitarian crisis and political instability, UNDP has secured significant support from the international community to respond to emerging, complex environment in the country. Donor resources have supported the Stabilization Facility for Libya; strengthening political dialogue; assistance with constitution building; civic engagement; and encouraging a greater role for women’s voices in the political process. 

Development Contribution by Donor for Libya


  Resources (2016-2017)
 Canada    1,134,450
 European Union     13,009,799
 France     991,168
 Germany   14,275,262
 Italy  3,415,320
 Japan  1,480,000
Netherlands 2,935,265
Norway 1,279,606
Peace Building Fund   2,973,102
Repsol Exploracion Murzuq, S.A. 10,611,302
Republic of Korea  1,000,000
Switzerland 713,762
United Kingdom  1,903,506
United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund  1,000,000
United Nations Development Programme  1,529,465
United States  6,500,000
TOTAL 64,752,007


Programme Delivery for Libya

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