UNDP Annual Report 2002: The UNDP Vision

Published on 31 May 2002 2.48MB


For the international community—and the United Nations system—2002 was a time of enormous challenges. We witnessed the relentless spread of HIV/AIDS and other diseases worldwide, the appearance of new conflicts and famine in Africa, renewed instability in some democracies in Latin America, and economic setbacks across many of the Arab States and parts of Central Europe.  Our 2003 Annual Report showcases how UNDP is now playing a much more effective role in addressing the world’s biggest development challenges.


  • Millennium Development Goals: UNDP is focusing its own staff and circle of partners to support developing nations as they map out the policies and assemble the alliances needed to reach the goals.
  • Strengthening staff: UNDP met the 25 percent target for headquarters staff cuts last year, and took a tough 24 percent reduction in core country office staff. This allowed UNDP to bring on new policy specialists and national staff.
  • Efficiency: During 2001, UNDP overhauled 116 of its country offices to make sure our staff and services were in line with country needs.

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