UNDP and UNSMIL aim to strengthening the policing and rule of law sector in the country.
The local authorities will install four generators in different medical centers, and one will be delivery to the company providing cleaning services to the city.
The municipality of Bani Walid, in the west of Libya, has received three intensive care ambulances from the Stabilization Facility for Libya.
60 local mediators share experiences in facilitating peace and ceasefire agreements.
Stabilization Facility for Libya rehabilitated Kikla Sport center, allowing hundreds of young people to rejoin their local sport clubs.
After one year, Amina is now happy to be back at Alqurania school.
Board members approved the list of projects that will be implemented in Bani Walid and Greater Tripoli, and agreed on expanding the Facility to Tawergha, Ghat and Ajdabiya.

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